Program Manager / Operations

Source Enterprises is seeking a Business Leader / Entrepreneur in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Las Vegas Areas.

Applicant must be interested in the role of Operations Manager, understand the quality and work ethic expected with a 6 figure salary, and have an Entrepreneur mindset. Experience in management and/or marketing and technology are required. Must be able to commit at least part time during training and business development.The ideal candidate will have strong sales capability. However, this is not a sales position.

Hours are flexible with remote work from home, nights or weekends. We operate 24/7 and train professional Forex/Stock traders and Financial Analysts.

If you are passionate about technology this will be an invaluable experience.

We have full time, part time and internship positions available.


You will learn how to Administrate:

  • Advanced Infrastructure: Software Define Data Center
  • Enterprise Grade Intranet: Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Enterprise Email Server: Microsoft Exchange
  • High-Performance Workstations: Source PC with 32+ Cores

You will learn about Agile Project Management with Microsoft Project and how to automate workflows with Sharepoint Designer including essential skills in Photoshop for image manipulation and how to administrate a CMS (content management system) for Website Publishing/Design and more. You will learn about containerization and micro services that are transforming the industry.


There is a high probability of Consulting Opportunities for individuals that gain skill in those areas.

We will provide fully deployed and configured lab environments for immersive learning and custom built computers with full software suites that you can access remotely from home to suit your role.

Companies are looking for tech savvy growth hackers that can adapt to and learn quickly emerging systems. Without at least some working knowledge of web development, graphic design, mobile apps etc.. most companies will opt for an individual that can wear many hats.


Only top candidates that are adept during the training will be considered for full-time work. Those that complete the advanced program should have the ability to acquire a 6 figure per year salary.

Do not apply if you are not interested in all of the above. To be as competitive as possible during selection please address why you feel that the training can be of significant value to you. If you are simply looking for paid training do not apply.

We will make available our full curriculum resources and support for contributing individuals.Those that complete the Profit Coder program will be part of an exclusive group of traders that share automated algorithmic strategies that can produce 6 figures a year in trading profits as well.

We have a network of over 10 websites. Our business is primarily Forex, Stock Trading, Cloud Engineering, E-commerce, Internet, Programming, Design, and Marketing. We will soon be a publicly traded company (IPO) and there will be several Operations hires during that time.

More information about us can be gleaned from our company websites:

And from our sample corporate proposal prepared for clients.

If you are confident you have the leadership abilities reply here with your resume, short summary about yourself, and why you would be a good fit. Sending a picture and your linked-in profile is optional.


You can apply directly here:


Project Description

Client: Source Enterprises
Skills: Microsoft Project, Sharepoint, Microsoft Office,