Cloud Engineer

IT is more than just infrastructure, it’s the enabler of efficient and effective productivity. The engine that drives business agility and success. An enterprise with superior technological capability will have a competitive advantage over its competition.

At Source Systems ( our mission consists of a multifaceted approach to building and testing the latest advancements in Cloud technology. Currently, companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure are offering their IaaS for the empowerment of growing and established businesses, however still at a very high cost and with limited adoption. In the coming years, cloud technology will be a ubiquitous implementation and the de facto standard for serious companies looking to create agility and take their fair share of the market’s profits.

Enterprise solutions such a Microsoft SQL for databases, Maria DB, WHM, cPanel, LAMP stacks and Database performance tuning are projects that we actively research and develop.

We have developed proprietary vApp automation solutions specific to the financial industry. This includes Data Aggregation, PHP/AJAX interactive applications, and server-side scripts. Automated Platform IaaS deployment, analysis, visualization, machine learning processes, and artificial intelligence integrations. Creative and proprietary leveraging of cluster solutions such as Hadoop. Refined database tuning configurations and offloading high load Linux databases with independent installations of Maria DB and high-performance Microsoft SQL Enterprise.

Even harnessing of experimental technologies such as Scale MP’s Hardware Systems Compute Aggregation Solutions and future hardware technologies such as the Intel’s PHI Knights Landing co-processors.

We lead our efforts with professional training programs. Extensive material is provided to study in the form of workbooks, videos, PowerPoint and online LMS.

In-person and remote interactive webinar apprenticeship instruction from our Cloud Engineers and CTO for highly specialized support and staff.

Hands on experience working with fully installed and configured instances for maximum depth of immersion and fast acclimation to control panels and workspace environments.

Environments Include:

1. Hybrid Public and Private Cloud environments
3. ESXi Hypervisor
4. vSphere
5. vCenter Web Client
6. vRealize Operations Manager
7. vRealize Automation
8. Horizon
9. Fusion Pro
10. NSX
11. Full stack solutions LAMP, WAMP etc…
12. Hyper-Converged Software
14. Remote Management
15. Virtual Appliances
16. vApps
17. Windows Datacenter 2016
18. Hyper-V Roles
19. Virtualization
20. Microsoft System Center
21. Nano Server
22. Dedicated Servers
23. VPS’s
24. Networking

For more information reference some of the videos below.


Computer savvy.
Passionate about technology.

A team of 2 can exceed the productivity and output of over 20 Engineers with the right configuration and infrastructure deployment. Delivery of systems can now accelerate from weeks to minutes.

The opportunity for employment in this field is replete and unquestionable. Companies are hiring faster than skilled engineers become available with yearly salaries far exceeding 100K per year. The possibility of full-time employment with Source Enterprises’ or one if it’s subsidiaries and/or clients is an option for successful completion.

The future of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS will all be run on the Hybrid Cloud on a Software Defined Data Center. Be a part of this invaluable experience and witness the next revolution in computing.


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Project Description

Client: Source Data Center
Skills: VMWare, Hyper-convergence, Hyper-V, System Center, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Networking