Assortment of utilities for improved analysis and trading.

Indicator Collection (10,000+)

$99.00 USD

Database for virtually all available Metatrader 4 indicators.
(except premium)

100 Premium Indicators Collection

$499.00 USD

Our selected Metarader 4 premium indicators with lifetime licenses.
Functional on unlimited demo and live accounts.
Not included in 10,000+ collection.

Trading System Templates

$999.00 USD

An assortment of 10 Trading Systems developed by our team of financial engineers. Contains step by step instructions.
Covering the full spectrum of trading styles.
Position, Swing, Scalping, and High-frequency.
10,000 Indicator Collection & 100 Premium Indicators collection may be required. (not included)

Excel Pivot Table Real-time Trading Analysis

$299.00 USD

Utilize the power of Microsoft Excel (not included) to visualize your trades in real-time.

Source Systems Alerts

$85.00 USD

A highly configurable alert EA. (MT4)
Can send email, SMS, execute commands, and/or run scripts when specific conditions are met.

Scripts Essentials

$88.00 USD

A collection of 10 scripts for faster and improved trading interactivity and responsiveness. Essential for High-Frequency Manual Trading Systems.

Tuned MT4 Installation Template

$69.00 USD

Essential configuration, settings and file structure for running optimally multiple portable MT4 terminals.
Comes with various server config files and individual launcher and multi launcher PowerShell script.

Algorithm Data Tracking

$99.00 USD

An essential tool for tracking and doing analysis on thousands of Algorithms in one chart.

Portfolio Developer Kit

$777.00 USD

A complete tracking and algorithmic trading system for running a diversified portfolio of multiple algorithms of many different instruments.
Full visualization for analysis of best-performing currencies and algorithms.
Source Systems Alerts