In order to provide a targeted sponsored training program and effective collaboration initiative.
We first address the matter of clarification into what your previous experience is and how it relates to your current level of trading capability.

The most effective method to accomplish this is by first assessing the variables in place that constitute the full spectrum of knowledge in relation specifically to performance in trading.

To prevent the teams from having to read volumes of text and one-dimensional material that can take hours and be subject to misinterpretation.

We have developed a method to quickly facilitate synchronization as to your position and where is most compelling for you to start to quickly advance and improve.
It is not practical to provide a Fundamental Analyst AI workstations or a Software Architect data feeds and vice versa.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.

This will provide a framework for the next phase.

Once complete we will have an understanding about what type of technology and resources you require.
As well as whom will be training, collaborating, and co-developing with you.

We strongly recommend you copy and paste your responses in a separate file for your records or in case there is an interruption in internet connection.

Our ultimate goal is to maximize the rate at which you accelerate your increased monthly % returns and provide you a unique and custom trading panel interface for piloting our systems.

Sample Panels


You can choose to bypass this phase, not complete the form, and have instructors from different departments assess you directly by calling you and beginning the enrollment/training process with video conferences.

  1. The first one-hour orientation will assess what compute resources we need to provision for you,
  2. The second will assess what software we need to license for your use.
  3. The third will determine what Algorithmic Trading Systems you will be trained on.

Costs of necessary materials, resources, instructor time, and enrollment fee for the Accelerated Program is a minimum of $475.

This fee is REIMBURSED upon satisfactory completion.

Due to tremendous demand, we are only able to accept individuals that have proven their commitment to completing the trading program, making trading a career, and have the necessary resources.

Enrollment is waived if opening a trading account of >$950 with Source Securities.

Email us at HR@PROFITCODER.COM with the Subject Line “Professional Program”

Instructor Contact Info


What resources would most benefit you in your development? Check All That Apply

Trading Servers (Source VPS)Trading Workstations (Source PC)Trading AlgorithmsTechnical Analysis

Fundamental AnalysisIndicators & TemplatesTrading ToolsData FeedsCollaborationTraining

What departments do you feel you will get the most out of? Check All That Apply

Technical AnalysisFundamental AnalysisSource Data ScienceSource Data CenterSource Web DesignProgramming

Machine LearningAlgorithm AnalysisSystems TradingArtificial IntelligenceFund Management Certification

What technologies have you been able to apply to trading? Check All That Apply


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Once this form is received you will be contacted by one of our instructors.

Please register for an account here.


Once logged in if you have questions about this process please submit a ticket here.


Due to the extreme response for our program, we are only able to expedite and address your questions via ticket during this phase before you have been placed.

We will respond to an email as well, however it will take longer to get back to you.

You will be contacted by phone if requested in the ticket. Please allow 72 hours for a response.